If you are looking for an audio editing software, you will find less options than photo editing and video editing as there is huge gap for the supply and the demand. Even if you could find some choices, you would have to pay some money to own its key features. There is some audio engineering software that can be used to edit music. If you are using a trial version, you will lose most of the features that can be taken for the pro version. But, Audacity software is a great one to be used for those who love audio editing like stuff. It is supporting for many operating systems and you can have a similar app for your phone also.

There are many features available for you to edit your files. You can have many files with a long list of extensions to be used for this software. That will make you more comfortable than sticking on to mp3, wave, amr, and other file extensions. You can either use one layer to gather all the files available on different layers. If you are interested in recording our voice, it has the compatibility for your computer mic also. That is not the only thing you can do using this awesome software. You can adjust smooth fading, labeling, and syncing for the files you have selected. Even if you are not familiar with the audio editing, you will learn things pretty nicely as this software comes in a good user interface as well.  The Audacity software can edit the audio files with equalization, treble, bass, and many features. All those things work really well if you are a professional one in the field. You can export your saved files into many file formats. Even if you want it them save as a source file, you will be able to save it in an instant.


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