There were not lots of action racing cars until very recent time. There were only remote control cars only. Like always, Anki has brought a new design to the market. It has already made the ring and it is becoming one of the best toys ever for kids. Game developer has mentioned this car as the drive of the future. As it is said, this car is capable of driving a future vehicle. These vehicles are driven by an artificial intelligence which can adapt to any situation you create. But the most important thing is that you have to be tactically smart to defeat the opponets. There are lots of strategies you can create and you’re A.I. opponent will do its best to beat you. You can build any track you want. But, the artificial intelligence of the cars will adapt to those tracks in a snap time.

Unlimited tactics, software updates, latest weapons, A.I. powered vehicles, and things to discover yourself has made this game a perfect one to play. If there was someone who was looking for a game which needs action as well as strategies, this would be the best thing they have ever had. You can swap weapons, build new tracks and, customize the weapons you’ve got when playing with this game. These are not cars, they can be called as war machines as well. They have weapons from plasma cannons to flame throwers for a full entertainment from the game. Each player who is going to play this game needs to have an iOS or android device to set up the game. If you are making enough fun already, there will be nothing you need. But, you should make sure there is nothing to install on the devices to make sure the full fun of the game as there are regular upates issues by the developer.


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