The Google Chrome is a fast, light, and a colorful browser. It is being used by almost billions of people all around the world. The most impressive feature of that browser is not just a thing but everything. If you are looking for a browser that can have premium options for free, Google Chrome will have to be among those choices for sure.  Google Chrome Extensions have been one of the best features for the Google Chrome Browser. It is a place where you can download and add some small apps for free. Hera are 10 of the apps that can be used on the Google Chrome platform.

Hover Zoom

If you are a reddit user, this will be the best thing you can have. This small extension is not useful for reddit but for online selling web sites as well. It can enlarge and icon size image and rebuild it until you can have a clear picture. This is a common matter lots of people find answers as there is not a way to enlarge some images. This app can show you even gif and all other file extensions as well. Like it was said, this is a must have extension for those who surf the web to purchase things.


Are you tired of the Google Chrome browser’s typical and classical tabs? So, Momentum is the best answer you have got as it can provide you a vast range of tabs. You have the ability to have colorful tabs as well as images in the background. You won’t have to worry about the lack of backgrounds as there are plenty of images that can be set as the background. This is another better extension for your Google Chrome browser.

Panic Button

Are you a free roamer in the internet? Are you working in an office? Is your boss a strict person? So, Google Chrome’s panic button extension has the answer you were looking for. What you need to do is to install the extension. Then it appears in the extensions bar as an icon. Once you want to screen and hide all the tabs you were surfing, you just have to press that button. All the tabs will be hidden in the background. If you want to recover them, you will have to press the icon. Then everything will be in place. No one will recognize what you were doing, except the Panic Button.

Boomerang for Gmail

This extension leaves you a cool option, sending an email later. There are different time zones in the world. If you want an email delivered later, you will be able to do that using this message. If you have a New Year wish to be delivered by the early in the morning, this extension will do that for you. So, you can have a nap.

Mercury Reader

This extension is really a tough guy. You can get hundreds of works done using this app. If you want to save a page as a bookmark, this app will be an answer. Even if you want to highlight a text on a web site, this app can be used to do that. There are other uses like enlarging texts, sending copies of the web pages to your email address, and many more. This extension is a perfect one for a person who has the ambition to write blog posts.


This is another extension for the Google Chrome that can make easy all your surfing needs. What you can do using this extension is to save images in your desired version. You might have seen some of the web sites that restrict downloading the images. There are multiple layesr to save images from the users. This extension can penetrate those layers and let you to download the images so easily. This extension leaves you the ability to save those images in your desired format as well.

Evernote Web Clipper

This extension has been introduced for the users to mark texts, images or both sources. This extension is a useful extension for bloggers and writers as they can simply mark specified parts that are important to them .If you are a writer, this app will be the best thing you can have to mark or copy things pretty easily. This extension can be used for any kind of web sites. If you want to use it on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, that will also be possible.

Session Buddy

There are many kinds of people in this world that have different desires. This extension is also a kind of thing. If you are a person who wants to open the tabs as a group, this will be the extension you need. You can set different sets of sessions to open with a single click. There are some computers that crash when the memory is not enough. If your computer is such a PC, this app will be a blessing for sure.


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