The sun is the life source of our solar system. It has got a huge potential to provide the power to the animals and plants live in Earth. Some people in Asia consider sun as a god and the most powerful being in the universe. Also, they name their children after the sun as well. Here are 06 Facts that can surprise you.

99.86% of the mass

Do you how much it has got from the solar system? It’s about 99.86% of the mass belong to the solar system.  If another value is needed, you will amaze to know that the sun is 330, 000 times larger than Earth which means it is the only giant in the solar system.  Hydrogen and Helium remain as the major components in the Sun. As you know, entire life forms stay lively thanks to these elements.

One day it will eat Earth down

It will take 130 million years to burn the matter on sun. So, meanwhile it will expand its scale up to Earth until Earth gets burnt and the rest of the life wiped out from Earth.  When it expands to a limit like this, it will have appeared like a red star to the other planets out of this solar system.  Also, Mercury and Venus planets will be no more when this thing happens.

The perfect sphere

If you know about the shape of Earth, you will not need to know that Earth’s shape is not a perfect Sphere because of some structures and incidents that have occurred. But, sun has got a perfect shape of a sphere because there is not any extra structures or things similar to Earth because of its nuclear reactions.  Only a 10km variation can be seen between polar and equatorial diameters.

Its moving like a…

The thing we know is that our solar system is travelling at every moment. Our sun has got a speed of 220 km per second it spends. It will take up to 225-250 million to complete the far from center of the Milky Way. All theories are being proved and there is a possibility to crash with another system one day. Being the giant in the solar system has caused to move quicker than other members in the family.

White Dwarf

As previously discussed, one day sun will be a red rising star and it will have expanded its margins upto the planets. After becoming so large, it will explode and the remaining thing as the sun will be much smaller than the size it has now. It has been predicted the size of the sun when it happens and it will not be larger than Earth. This is a common thing for a sun. Then it will be called a white dwarf.

It has come almost halfway

There is an age expectancy for anything in the world. Age expectancy for sun is about 9 billion years. As you know it has passed almost half of its life. After 5 billion years, it will come to its maximum age and be a white dwarf.


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